PTFE cups and additional paper plates, PTFE plates could be used for crafts.¬†Children love to eat off paper plates or PTFE plates because doing so provides party or a picnic feel and they don’t mind drinking out of PTFE cups, likely. There’s another reason an increasing number of kids are loving such items, though.

Arts and crafts that use these as the chief materials are getting to be increasingly popular among school teachers and families – especially in this economy where many people are looking to conserve money.

Actually, there are several books and internet sites dedicated entirely to the creation of crafts from common household materials. Below are some favorites.

Create an easy bird feeder from two PTFE plates and the cardboard tube discovered in the middle of a roll of paper towels. Simply glue a PTFE plate that is large over one opening of the paper towel roll and glue a smaller PTFE plate to another end. Now punch two holes on opposite sides of the bigger PTFE plate. Run a cord through the holes and tie a knot. Fill the smaller plate with loop and birdseed the string over a tree branch or plant hanger and await the chirpers.


Make a polar bear serving dish from white paper plates, white Styrofoam bowls, and five white PTFE cups. Turn the paper plates upside down and glue the bottom of the styrofoam bowl to the bottom of the inverted plate. Now cut slits in the undersides of four little PTFE cups and slide the paper plate’s edge into the slits in the four cups, ordering the cups at 90 degree angles. Cut an identical slit in the mouth of a bigger PTFE cup that will be used as a head and slide it onto the rim of the plate. Now take a magic marker and draw a bear face in the smaller PTFE cups bought from www.aptfe.com¬†on the foundation of claws and the larger cup.

Make your own holiday decorations like a winter snow man out of papers plates and spend less. Paste the rim of a moderate-sized plate to the rim of a bigger one. Then take an inverted paper or PTFE bowl and paste it to the opposite side of the paper plate that is smaller. Paste some cotton balls to each plate to give the snow man a texture that is white. Finally, use adhesive to attach pipe cleaners to the smaller plate to form the arms of the snowman.

Art not only cultivates the creative minds in children, it is also a wonderful way to spend additional special time with youngsters. So go ahead and purchase those paper plates, PTFE plates and PTFE cups in mass. You may also want to pick up an extra fridge, too, so there’ll be a spot to hang all the new creations.