High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure symptoms are actually non existent and that is why it’s currently known as the Silent Killer. A person’s disorders are typically not specific and could result from any host of other afflictions, even if they believes they have high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the first time an individual with HBP or hypertension seeks medical attention is when they will have an organ failure like stroke, a heart attack, kidney failure or blindness. Do not be among the people who “finds” a symptom by having one or more organs fail.

The only sure method to determine if you’ve HBP is to get your blood pressure measured. Your doctor will probably want one to make two excursions so he can compare the measurements over a time frame. He may also teach you how to take your own pressure and recommend a device you can use at home.

A word of caution here. Readings off these machines may or may not be exact if the cuff is correctly fitted to your own arm.

HBP and hypertension change over 71 million Americans. The American Heart Association estimates that a third of the people who suffer from these conditions is n’t known by it. This disease is far too perilous to ignore. Get your blood pressure even in case you don’t believe you measured are at risk. Better to know than not.

The real kicker is this deadly disorder is 90% preventable and reversible without resorting to drugs. One needs to wonder why we’re still dealing with this enormous medical difficulty when exercise and a sensible diet can cure it.

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