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Has the Norton 360 software changed your computer background to black with a red warning sign saying something like: “dangerous spyware was located on your computer”. Are you currently in a situation where Norton 360 now won’t let you now change your background to anything but black?Use Norton 360 key to upgrade your pirate antivirus software to the genuine antivirus software.

Virus programmers and welcome to the new way computer hackers are using to deceive you to get you to buy something you do not desire and to spread spyware. By impersonating a real Windows antispyware programs which dilemma “warning messages” but in fact what they actually are doing is tricking people to download more viruses.

Norton 360 Key

Norton 360 is a fake anti virus program with a name that seems awful like the legitimate Norton application called Norton 360. Norton 360 makes-up popup warnings and alarms letting you know that your computer is infected while instructing one to download Norton 360. By simply clicking the pop up or even the Norton 360 application will be installed by the red X to close it. It then always scans your computer, changes your background or tells one to remove infected files which are often valid Windows files for example svchost.exe and others.

All those fake scans and error messages that are bogus require huge amounts of system resources which cause it to run slower than ordinary and will seriously load your computer.

`Slow internet browsing
`Frequent system crashes
`Lots of error messages, annoying alerts & pop-ups or pop unders
`Peculiar background changes
`So how can you remove Norton 360?

There are two options. Manually remove all the files related to the virus/spyware. Or alternatively, use a spyware removal tool that is automatic that is good.

You try and delete Norton 360 files manually out of your registry, and if you are not cluey with computers, you may end up deleting the wrong files and render your computer entirely inoperable. If you’re feeling brave, you must firstly cease all Norton 360 processes (.exe and.dll files), block all sites associated with the bogus Norton and then delete all associated registry values in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.

If you don’t need to mess about with your registry (or if you do not even understand what it’s) download a good automatic spyware remover. These programs scan your computer, show you exactly what viruses are infecting it and while installed – will shield you in the future against similar hazards. If you need complete, simple and quick virus removal, without any head aches – this is the best bet.We can provide low price Norton 360 key on