R.I.P. Betty

We are saddened to say that on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, our dear Betty lost her battle with cancer.

Betty (1)We are so grateful for the additional 9 months that we had her in our lives to show her love while she fought this horrible disease.

Betty’s life and legacy will live on through HEAL.  It was only because of her, that HEAL was formed.  Her life will give life to so many other animals as she is the heart and soul of HEAL.  Every animal that we are able to help and every life that we are able to save will all have a little bit of Betty in them.

We know that she is on the bridge, looking down and smiling whenever she sees another tail wag.

……..till every tail wags!

We love you Betty,
Dad and Mom

Betty’s Story:

Betty, a Rottweiler, was rescued from the San Bernardino City Shelter on her last available day. Betty is the inspiration for the creation of the H.E.A.L. Foundation because Sharon Blechinger, the Founder, could not ignore the plight of the shelter animals left behind so put out a call to action out to the community. Betty is now facing a battle with bone cancer that her family is facing with her which makes Betty a truly lucky girl.

Betty has also helped to save countless dogs by bringing awareness to her plight as well as the other animals at the shelter: over 1,600 dogs have been transported to out of state rescues, approximately 900 dogs have been altered in conjunction with the Heigl Foundation Compassion Revolution grant, thousands have received vaccines and many have received the emergency vet care needed to save their lives.

HEAL wants to thank newly sworn San Bernardino Chief of Police, Robert Handy, for taking the time from his busy schedule to meet with Katherine and Nancy Heigl on Friday, Nov 4, 2011.  Nancy and Katherine are looking forward to working with this fine man to help the City of San Bernardino City’s Animal Shelter.  KUDOS to you Chief Handy and we welcome a person of your caliber.