3D VR Camera

You will be pleased to discover that 3d VR camera  are sold for less than $199, does not always mean they are not worth the cash. You will soon find which 3D video camera is worth the cash and which is not.

There are currently two brands that sell 3D cameras for less than $199, Apitek and Viewsonic.

Apitek is a brand-new player at the 3D cams, battling there versus the huge monopole giants Sony and Fujifilm. Apitek has launched a really great loaded with innovation 3D electronic camera (it is a 3D camcorder too) with is sold for $199 or less.

3D VR Camera

The Apitek will deliver you really clear 3D pictures and 3D video, it supports all HD TELEVISION watching possibilities, plug and play functions, direct upload to sharing websites, 3D LCD screen without any glasses required and more.

On the other end of the inexpensive 3D video cameras scale there is the Viewsonic 3D electronic camera, cost $149 or less. It is a basic technology cam with 2 lenses and capability to record 3D images.

The Viewsonic has simple viewing and transferring image features. The customer reviews gave it an extremely low rating …

The main fault is the connection to HDTV and 3D screens, where the video camera and software fail. 3D videos are not shown correctly on HDTV and cannot show quickly on PC and other screen alternatives.

When considering your allocate the cam, this is always recommended to leave behind a little bit of remaining for accessories. It goes without saying, a 3d VR camera  scenario, sd card, tripod, lens as well as filters can easily all work out to be costly.

Who Is The Winner For The Cheapest 3D Video camera? trendsloving.com is one of your best choice.

The winner in this most affordable rate contest in the meantime (2011) is the Apitek 3D camcorder!

This little wise device with the twin lens has some surprising capabilities that make this little devil an excellent worth for money deal. If you are trying to find the lowest cost for 3D video camera, and have a restricted spending plan, and do not wish to lose your money on a ‘low-cost’ video camera then this Apitek 3D video camera is a deal.